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At Myra, we want sharing to be not just caring but also rewarding for you!

Myra Sama Sama is a referral program that rewards you with 1% of the property price when your friends and family purchase a Myra home using your unique referral link.

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Myra Sama-Sama

Terms & Condition

  • 1) All existing Myra owners are allowed to participate in this campaign, effective from 15th August 2023.

  • 2) Applicable to leads referred by existing Myra owners to our internal sales team only.

  • 3) Any referral of leads to an agent or external party is not eligible for this campaign.

  • 4) The 1% referral fee is calculated based on the Nett Price of the property purchased by the referee.

  • 5) The referee has to register their interest on this referral page.

  • 6) Any other page/medium will not be accepted for the referral program.

  • 7) Referral fees are payable upon the following conditions being met:

    • SPA signed and stamped; and

    • Settlement of stage 2a billing or first drawdown, whichever is earlier.

  • 8) Not applicable to RSKU and PPAM projects.



What is Myra Sama-Sama?

Myra Sama-Sama is a referral program where Myra Homebuyers can introduce families and friends to purchase a Myra property in exchange for a 1% reward.

How much am I entitled to receive?

For every successful referral, the referrer is entitled to a 1% reward, calculated based on the Nett Price of the Property purchased by the Referee.

Who is eligible to apply for Myra Sama-Sama?

All Myra Homebuyers who buy directly from Myra are eligible to join the program.

Is this applicable to RSKU and Rumah Selangorku projects?

Unfortunately, it does not apply to all Rumah Selangorku (RSKU), Perumahan Penjawat Awam Malaysia (PPAM), Rumah IDAMAN and/or affordable homes except for Myra Dahlia, until stated otherwise.

When will I get my reward?

Referral Fees are payable upon the following conditions are met:

  • Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), Letter of Offer, and Loan Agreement signed and stamped; and
  • Settlement of balance first 10% of the purchase price upon signing of SPA (if applicable)
  • First release or settlement for progressive claims stage 2a; or
  • Payment of 20% of the purchase price for cash buyers

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